Why I Love Toronto

i-love-toronto-128534361547Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America with a population of 4.7 million and boasts the third largest English speaking theatre district in the entire world. It is home to the CN Tower, the world’s tallest free standing structure as well as four professional sports teams. Toronto is a good model. Toronto is a clean, safe, cosmopolitan city with a wonderful network of parks, recreational, and cultural facilities. Toronto is the home of four professional sports teams and the third largest English-speaking theater district in the world, behind New York and London.

Toronto is essentially a residential city. The houses of the better class stand separate, not in long rows, and have about them ample lawns and abundant trees. Toronto is generally a safe city, but it is important to take the same precautions you would take anywhere. If you feel unsafe or are unsure about your safety, take the appropriate precautions. Toronto is truly a world within a city . Exciting, vibrant and cosmopolitan, Toronto is home to more than 100 cultures, offering exciting festivals and events, friendly neighborhoods, and a fantastic urban atmosphere!